Shipping Form


Audiowright shipping form

Our diagnostic fee for shipped in units is $99.00. Please include a check or money order with your unit. We can also call you to get a credit card number once the unit has arrived.

Please contact us prior to shipping unit to confirm it is a unit we work on.

Please print out this form and clearly fill out all information.



City, State, & Zip____________________________________________________________________

Day phone________________________________ Evening phone____________________________


Unit for repair_______________________________________________________________________

Serial #____________________________________________________________________________

Any accessories____________________________________________________________________




If possible use original shipping carton. If not available we recommend taking unit to professional

packing and shipping company. Be sure to insurer you unit. Your unit will be returned in the same

carton as received.

If your unit is under warranty, please include a copy of the original receipt.

Ship to:

The Audiowright Shop

3521 N. High St.

Columbus, Ohio 43214


Audiowright shipping form (pdf)


Audiowright shipping form (docx)