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Over 30 years repairing audio equipment from vintage Hi-Fi to audiophile

We Repair

  • Home Theater receivers
  • Stereo receivers 
  • Power amplifiers
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Tuners
  • Turntables and record players
  • CD players
  • Tape decks; cassette, reel to reel & 8 track cartridge 
  • Speakers
  • Console Stereos

We work on most brands  

We also sell turntable needles, phono preamps & cables


Getting your unit repaired

We accept repairs in three ways..

Walk-in customers, service calls and shipped in repairs

Walk in customers. 

We collect a bench fee per item when a unit is left for service. This fee is not refundable. It will be applied to the repair if the customer approves the estimate. If the estimate is declined the fee is used to recoup some of our time incurred during the diagnostic process. It also applies to disposal cost if the customer does not return to claim their unit. The technician will then look at the unit on the bench to determine the fault in the unit and contact the customer with a diagnostic and estimate. If the estimate is approved the unit will be repaired, heat run tested and the customer contacted with notification of completion.

Service calls.

For those of you in the Metro Columbus, Ohio area we offer on location service calls. There is a service call fee plus hourly labor and any material cost. Payment is expected at the end of the service call. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

Shipped in repairs

We accept shipped in repairs from anywhere in the continental United States. Please use the handy shipping form and completely fill in all information. If possible use original manufacturers packing. If that is not available we recommend taking your unit to a professional packing and shipping company. Always insure your unit.

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The Audiowright Shop was established in 1992 by owner Michael Langhorst. The word Audiowright was coined by Michael being derived from occupations such as millwright and wheelwright. By Michael's definition, an 

Audiowright is a person who repairs or maintains audio equipment.

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General Repair policies

Audio repairs are generally unique to each unit. With the sophistication of today’s equipment and the relatively low cost to replace a broken unit, we have found that the best way to deal with pricing is on an individual basis. 

We have looked at flat rate pricing but found it impractical due to the lack of reoccurring problems, even among the same model number of unit. The only way to make flat rate pricing work for a company is to place those prices higher than they would normally be in order to cover themselves. 

Free estimates are along the same lines. A free estimate is generally an educated guess (or sometimes just a guess). Again, that guess is going to be higher that normal to cover themselves. 

We have found the fairest way for all parties, is to give an estimate on each unit. We charge an estimate fee on every unit.  A technician will diagnose and estimate the repair. The technician will then contact you to discuss the next course of action. You can either accept or decline the estimate. If you accept, your unit will then be repaired as soon as possible. The estimate fee does apply to the repair If you decline, your unit will be put back together. In both cases you will be contacted when your unit is ready to be picked up.  

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Contact Us

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We are located in the Clintonville area of Metro Columbus. We are two blocks north of North Broadway.

The Audiowright Shop

3521 N High St, Columbus, Ohio 43214, United States

614 267 5880


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